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  • ABRSM(Associated Board of Royal School of Music London) and Trinity College London Examinations are being conducted twice a year. [May-June & Nov-December]
  • Registration for examinations will start as soon as the Centre receives notification from the above colleges
  • The UK Board allots an examiner for individual practical examination
  • Theory examinations will also be conducted twice in a year by the Board
  • Students attending exams are required to pay their exam fees to the concerned branches
  • Fee will vary depending on the exam board and grade
  • Students will not be allowed to attend their exams if they fail to pay their fees on or before the closing date

  • # Piano
  • # Electronic keyboard
  • # Violin
  • # Viola
  • # Cello
  • # Guitar [Folk/Classic]
  • # Drum kit
  • # Theory [A.B.R.S.M/Trinity]
  • # Aural
  • # Band
  • # Ensemble